E-Waste Recycling

What we accept for recycling: (Some Items May Incur a Charge, e.g. TV's)

TV's ( both CRT & Flat Screen), Printers, Audio & Video Equipment (VCR's & DVD Players), Radios & stereo systems, computers and peripherals, telephones (mobile & landline), whiteware, home appliances, cables & wires ( both computer and power cables). In effect anything that is powered by either an electrical power cord or a battery. Plus we will also take all of the packaging and other items that it came with.


Abilities Group is one of the foremost organizations when it comes to the proper recycling of old electronic and electrical equipment (E-Waste). We are holders of a Basel Permit to export printed circuit boards to Japan for processing to extract the precious metals. This reduces the dependency on under ground mining for the same resources.

The two bars pictured were made from a total of 100 tonnes of printed circuit boards.

Currently Abilities Group diverts in excess of 4000 tonnes of material from landfill through this process.

Gold & Silver Bars