About Us

Abilities is an Incorporated Society, established in 1959 to employ people with disabilities and provide work for them in as near normal conditions as possible. As part of the normalisation of working conditions we employ able-bodied people alongside the disabled. Around 70% of our staff have a disability of some kind.

For over 50 years the Abilities Group has enriched the lives of people with disabilities through meaningful employment. Many hundreds of disabled individuals and their families benefit from the Abilities Group and having the opportunity to work.

With the employment opportunities offered, the disabled feel part of the community, their level of self worth increases dramatically and they broaden their capabilities. All this adds up to incredibly significant benefits to the person and family.

Our Vision

Enriching the lives of people with disabilities

Our Mission

To achieve our vision by creating meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities in New Zealand

Our Motto

Caring for Our People and Your Environment.

Our Premises and Staff

We operate from a 3568 sq.metre premises on Auckland’s North Shore, employing 140 staff with the Society governed by a Board of Directors. You can find us at 91 Hillside Road Glenfield, Auckland, New Zealand

Our Quality Work

The operation is certified to the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000. Abilities prides itself in providing high quality, time critical and reliable services.

Why Choose Abilities

  • More cost-effective to outsource temporary work
  • We provide peace of mind. You'll know that the agreed per-unit cost is set
  • We can take your urgent jobs with guaranteed service deliverables
  • Abilities has a proven record of producing quality work
  • Our extensive experience often helps create a better solution
  • You'll have access to expensive equipment without needing to buy it yourself

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